International Volunteering

Our international volunteering projects in Africa offer students a wonderful opportunity to add value to their university education, enhance their global awareness and develop their leadership, teaching and coaching skills.

Each year, student coaches from the Basketball Club travel to Zambia as part of the University’s international volunteer programmes.

The Volunteer Zambia project present students with an incredible opportunity to experience African culture first hand, with our volunteer coaches spending six to eight weeks helping deliver PE sessions, sport specific coaching and classroom based sessions in various schools and compounds.

More information can be found online by visiting the Volunteering & Coaching Academy pages of the Saints Sport website. To register your interest in volunteering on either of our volunteering projects please contact Claire Scott (Sports Development Manager):


The Zambian volunteering initiative has been running for over ten years and is run in partnership with six other UK institutions as part of the Wallace Group.

“I got involved to allow my leadership skills to grow and develop my coaching skills but also to allow myself an experience where I could truly immerse myself in a completely different culture and appreciate how different life can be across the world.

This also allowed me to help people less fortunate than myself. Sport has always been a very important part of my life so I wanted to be able to provide other children with the same sporting opportunities I was given as a child.

Fiona Murray

“Having coached a primary school basketball team for three years in high school back in the States, I was excited by the prospect of Volunteer Zambia and the opportunity to take my coaching skills globally.

I was looking forward to expanding my network and friendships across the whole of the UK and not just St Andrews. The Basketball Club is so frequently described as a family, and so is the Volunteer Zambia group, often affectionately referred to as your “Zam Fam”.

After my two teammates, Paige and Fiona, travelled to Zambia for the same programme, I was inspired and touched by their stories and experiences. They told me about the sweet kids they had met, the challenges they faced that engendered personal growth, resourcefulness and determination. I wanted the same experiences so I applied first through written application, then interviews and coaching demonstrations.

I then worked to earn my basketball coaching training and my first aid certification, all skills that will serve me in Zambia and beyond. I’m so incredibly honoured to be selected for this program and I look forward to doing my part as a global citizen and sharing my knowledge of basketball.

Maddie Tarr